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Being required to work from the office is annoying at the least and always working from home can be just as annoying.

For the last two years I’ve been working out of my home and I love it. I don’t have to go into the office at anytime. As my son get bigger becomes more difficult for me to focus while working from home.

I decided its time for me to head out a few times a week and work from Workspaces by Bitbean. Workspaces is the perfect place to be able to pop in whenever you need a quiet space to work or meet with clients.

At workspaces you have everything you need to work without distractions. Blazing fast WiFi, Starbucks coffee and French Press coffee, conference rooms, lounge, printing and scanning, and gym with a shower room! Hungry? No worries. Out To Lunch has fresh meals to grab and go.

Workspaces is next door to the Blueclaws stadium (across from Seasons) 1776 Ave of the State, Lakewood NJ

Workspace offers a one week FREE trial (no commitment) so you can try it out and see if you like it.

Workspace offers several different plans to meet your specific needs:

All plans are on a month to month basis.

:one: Flexdesk $275
:two: Dedicated desk $400
:three: Cubicles $500
:four: 3 person office $1000

Flex Desk = You have an option to sit at any of the flex desks. All flex desks come with a USB and power built into the desk, as well as high speed WiFi. You do not get the same desk each day. The flex desk is perfect for someone who always works with a laptop and needs full office amenities.

Dedicated desk = You get your own desk with a POE and power built into the desk. The desk is yours for the duration of the membership. The dedicated desk comes with full office amenities. The dedicated desk is perfect for someone who needs their own desk each day. You can leave your items on the desk. You have enough space to set up 2 screens.

Cubicle = Is an L shaped desk with a built in wall surrounding you. There is power and POE in the desk. You have more space than a dedicated desk, enough for 3 screens. The cubicle is essentially a 1 person semi-private office. The cubicle comes with full office amenities.

3 person private office = The office is set up for 3 people and prices accordingly, but one can rent it for less than 3 people as well, the price does not go down if you have less people. The office is perfect for anyone needing an office space to work in.

I will be at workspaces so come visit and check this place out. Bring your laptop and enjoy the space. You will love it!

After your FREE trial when you choose to sign up as a member just mention my name to get a discount: RALPHLASRY

Another amazing aspect of Workspaces is the fact that there are almost 100 other people and businesses working here as well. The networking between the people here has helped many people finding jobs, new clients, and resources. Don’t underestimate the value of the networking.

If you want me to show you around here feel free to message me.

For additional info or to schedule a tour, feel free to call, text, or WhatsApp Yehuda Glustein at 732-250-3640 or email him at

Bitbean Workspaces is amazing. Good environment to work in and great amenities.

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