Website hosting

Where is the best/easiest/cheapest place to host a domain , if I just need a few blank pages?

e.g. , , etc. is the best.

The idea is to use one domain for multiple clickfunnel funnels.

/page1 will go to one funnel.

/page2 will go to another funnel

I have the domain. I need to host it somewhere

You don’t need to host a domain. You need to host a website on a server.

Additionally, you can setup some domain structures within Google domains to send people to different websites.

What most affiliate marketers do is setup a WordPress website and use the website to setup the redirection.

Look at others peoples funnels and strip the URL and you will see a basic WordPress website without any info.

Yes. That’s where I got the idea from. Saw it being used by others.

So just go to, import domain, and “set up” blank pages.?

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That should work

I use Pretty Links plugin on wordpress to create “pages” on my site that just redirect to affiliate links or whatever I want. For example sends you straight to my Mint Mobile referral link.

If you need landing pages you can just create those pages on WordPress and create custom URLs for them.