UPDATED! Contact Saver for WhatsApp by Statfluence

Instantly export and save thousands of unknown numbers and other data from WhatsApp chats and groups + much more! Contact Saver for WhatsApp helps you grow your WhatsApp Status following by saving everyone’s numbers from your WhatsApp chats and groups.


We just released version 1.2.4

Whats New:

  • Added ability to choose which contacts to export from groups. (All/Saved/Not Saved)
  • Added ability to update your WhatsApp status directly from the web!

This release allows you to easily add posts to your Status directly from your browser without having to open your phone. I love this because many times I’ll type out all my thoughts on my laptop before I start posting on my Status. Until now I’d have to copy and paste a bunch of text multiple times and send them to my phone in order to be able to post to my status. Now I just open WhatsApp Web and post directly to my status within my browser.

Here is what this feature looks like.

In this version you can only post text to your status through the chrome extension. In a future release we will add the ability to post images and video as well.

How to export and save contacts from WhatsApp chats and groups.

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Saludos me gustaria adquirir esta herramienta pero google no me brinda el precio

Where are you located?