Savage Affiliates - the affiliate course just got a whole lot better

Franklin Hatchett just made a complete overhaul and upgraded his Savage Affiliate course yesterday. His newly release Savage Affiliates 2.0 has a lot of new content and bonuses as well.

A Step by Step Blueprint to Creating Passive Income

  • Starting The Foundation: In this section you will learn how to start building the foundation. You will be introduced to affiliate marketing and have it explained to you in a way that’s easy to understand. You will learn EXACTLY how to start affiliate marketing with NO experience even if you’re a complete beginner.
  • Niche Research Academy: In this section you will learn my SECRET strategy to finding winning niches that you can quickly dive into. You will learn how to find niches that will get you high converting affiliate commissions!
  • Website Academy: Building the right affiliate marketing website or funnel is the key to success! In this section, you will learn EXACTLY what you need to do to build your commission generating website. You will get access to training that shows you EXACTLY how to build your online asset! You don’t need a website to make affiliate marketing work, we have still added this in just in case you want to build one.
  • Funnel Academy: You will learn how to integrate your affiliate marketing business into funnels and create high converting funnels that increase your affiliate sales. If you haven’t heard of funnels where have you been? These are the way of the future and you need to learn about them now! I’ll even throw in my best-converting funnels for FREE!
  • Email Marketing Academy : Learn the automated email marketing systems that literally print you money without your time and effort. You will learn how to set up a system that will allow you to promote specific products to specific buyers automatically! Learn how to build a valuable asset that could be worth millions to you!
  • ClickBank Academy: What everyone has been waiting for! You will get insane in-depth training on how to make money with ClickBank! This section alone is jam-packed with quality training that will turn you into a ClickBank Ninja. You will learn the EXACT strategies I use to make $1000s on the ClickBank network.
  • Amazon Affiliates Academy: Maybe jumping into Amazon Associates and learning how to make a commission on amazon is your fix? Don’t worry I have you covered! Amazon is the biggest ecommerce platform in the world and there are commissions to be made. You will learn EXACTLY how to do this step by step in the Amazon academy.
  • SEO Academy: Ah the art of ranking websites in Google, well I have years of experience in this! I rank for some of the best terms on the planet and I’m going to take you through my strategies set by step. You will master search engine optimization flooding your offers with insanely high converting traffic.
  • Paid Traffic Mastery: Ever wondered how people make millions of dollars online? They use paid traffic. You need to actually understand the value of paid traffic and I will be teaching you exactly that. You will also learn how to master paid traffic and I even show you the best-paid traffic methods online. You will be able to grow your business with predictability!
  • Free Traffic Academy: Don’t want to dive into paid traffic? No problem! Learn how to flood your offers with free traffic that converts like crazy. Understanding the power of free traffic will change your life, it truly is passive income. I will show you my real strategies that have generated millions of dollars from free traffic sources online. Not only that, I will teach you how to do these strategies step by step.
  • Launch Jacking & Web Hosting Blueprint: Have you heard of Launch Jacking? It’s one of the best ways to get into affiliate marketing. You will learn exactly how to tap into Launch Jacking with my step by step blueprint. What about Web Hosting offers? You will learn how to tap into one of my most lucrative niches online. A website gets started every second of the day, you can get a commission from that! You will learn how to do it correctly in this module and create passive income.

Do you feel that the super course provides enough extra value for the additional cost?

Idk because I didn’t purchase the Super package.

Is this the same as eCom Elites course or they’re two different things?

Ecom Elites is a dropshipping course. It teaches you everything you need to know about choosing a niche, finding products and suppliers, building your Shopify store, marketing your store to the world, and how to handle customer service…

Savage Affiliates is an affiliate course. This course teaches you how to build affiliate websites that rank high in search engines and drive organic traffic to your affiliate promotions as quick as possible. The course covers a ton of stuff including but not limited to finding affiliate products, building your websites, writing your content, all about SEO and how to structure your websites to rank higher, how to find the best keywords to target with your articles and a bunch more…

So while both courses are taught by Franklin Hatchett they are both entirely different courses teach different things.

I bought savage affiliates a while ago. I did not have time to go through the entire course.

I watch his YouTube videos, and figured I can get started with that.

I signed up for clickfunnels, and clickbank etc.

Let me just say this - in case anyone is wondering why he puts out so much “step by step free content” on YouTube - its because it’s impossible to get started just by following his videos.

He says over and over again “it’s super easy”. It’s not. You can’t do it without much more training and much more guidance than what’s offered in his YT videos.

I learned the hard way…
Hope this helps someone.

Sorry you have had a bad experience.

I personally built funnels with ClickFunnels by just watching Franklin’s videos. Franklin shares everything one would need to know in his videos. Obviously, a course is easier to understand because it’s structured and organized content. That is why he shares everything on YouTube. Because for those that really want to implement his strategies are likely to purchase his courses because they want structured content instead of watching his entire YouTube channel.

I do agree, nothing is just a few clicks. It requires work. I had to spend a full day building my first funnel because I had to learn how ClickFunnels software works. Today I can implement a new funnel in just a couple hours.

What specifically were you having difficulty with?

It wasn’t a bad experience. It was a PSA that not everything is as magical as it looks.

I have a limited amount of time to spend on setting up funnels, setting up an ad campaign , monitoring results, etc.

I chose to spend my limited time on just “getting started”, instead of going through the course first which may delay my start by a few months.

Turns out, it’s really not that simple.

My first struggle was setting up a Funnel. All the “free funnels” that Franklin offers in his videos are no where to be found.

I spent a few hours trying to “copy” his Funnel, but I just couldn’t get it.

Next is integration with an email service such as getresponse into CF, setting up an ad campaign, converting traffic etc. I’m sure all that is also much harder than it looks in his videos.

Any help or guidance is appreciated.

I agree 100%

2 years ago I quit my job and set out to build multiple passive income streams. I was sick of working for others and sick of working 18 hour days. This was not a life I wanted to be living.

I spent the last two years devouring content for hours every day. I started multiple businesses some of which were successful, some failures, and some just breaking even.

Some of the areas I spent significant time learning are:

  • Dropshipping
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Software Consulting
  • Business Coaching
  • Shopify and WordPress
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing and Automation
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Solo Ads
  • Copy Writing and Content Writing
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Graphic Design (Illustrator, Photoshop, Stencil, Canva, and more)
  • And much more.

I spent significant time learning about each of these items and spent even more time implementing what I’ve learned.

  • I’ve spent hundreds of hours watching YouTube videos on all these topics.
  • I’ve spent hundreds of hours going through many courses I purchased from Industry experts.
  • I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading (or listening on Audible) dozens of books on these topics. (Here’s a list of some of the books I’ve been reading)
  • I’ve spent hundreds of hours implementing what I’ve learned.

Nothing is easy but everything is doable.

  • I agree that many times YouTubers make things look a lot easier than it really is especially for a beginner. These are people that have done this a million times so, yes, to them it is super easy.
  • I admit that I got stuck hundreds of times and as a result almost quit dozens of times.
  • I’m reluctant to admin but sometimes things we so challenging that I started questioning whether I was cut out for it and whether I have what it takes to succeed.

I never gave up!

It’s east to say I’ve had more failures than successes throughout this journey. But thats not my perspective. I love this famous quote from Thomas Edison which reflects my outlook: "I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work."

This stuff is not easy at first. Nothing is. Everything has a learning curve. Every expert had to struggle in the beginning. There is no way around it.

Yes, there are easier and harder ways to make money. There are smarter ways and dumber ways.

But there are no magic ways to make money anywhere. Only scams offer magic pills to become rich overnight.

In summary, if there’s a will there’s a way. It wont be easy and for some people it may be harder than for others. But if you are really committed to success you will find a way to succeed.

This brings me to one last thought. Is there a will and how strong?

A major component for me was that I defined very clearly what I wanted out of my life. I clearly articulated on paper what I wanted to accomplish with my life on this world. I spent significant time defining what success looks like for me. (Success for me isn’t about making millions of dollars.)

Once you define what you want for your life and what success looks like for you it will be a lot easier to determine the best route to reach your destination.

Here are two excellent and practical books that really helped me clarify what I wanted from my life and how to set myself up to achieve those goals:

(I’d recommend you read The 12 Week Year first because this book also helps you define life goals along with 3 year and 10 year objectives. Whereas the End of Procrastination is a practical approach to successfully reach your goals on the day to day level.)

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Here’s a video from Marissa Romero on the topic of YouTubers making things looks very easy.

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I understand all this. Never give up, stay motivated, Nothing is easy, etc etc.

I meant that the amount of time it takes to set up one these businesses makes it not feasible for most people, since it requires thousands of hours of learning/training/implementing/testing/etc.

The videos don’t stress that part enough. Of course there’s no magic pill, and that is addressed in some of those tutorial videos. But the amount of time it takes is just not feasible for most, due to time constraints, and the necessity to learn so many new skills.

Someone with no technical background cant “just set up a decent wordpress site”. Someone without graphic design experience cant “just go on canva and create an attractive FB ad”. Someone with no SEO experience cant “just rank their website with a few simple tricks” .

I’m speaking from experience. I’m going through this process right now. Each step is a whole new learning curve, and takes hours to actually have a usable product/funnel/site.


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Just dropping in to give you guys a quick update/reality check.

I’ve been going through the savage affiliates course for a few months, but I couldn’t put anything into action until I subscribed to the software tools needed.

I’m currently paying monthly subscriptions for
ClickFunnels (~$100/month)
Get Response ($15/month)
Blue host (it’s not $2.95 like Franklin advertises, unless you pay for 3 years. It’s $4.99/month on the annual plan, which is the minimum. And privacy protection is another $12 per year)
Gsuite ($6/month)

These are all necessary in order to set up an affiliate business.

This is before any advertising costs, since I didn’t get there yet. I’ll probably need a few more weeks of course time (and monthly expenses from the above programs) before I’m ready to luanch.

Bottom line, it’s not anywhere near as easy as franklin makes it look in his daily “make $1000/day” videos.
And the costs aren’t as small as he makes them. Each software program/website plugin/ad strategy, really add up.

Buyer beware! :slight_smile:

Great points.

According to these prices we are looking at a monthly cost of $127 a month to build a business that can generate you thousands of dollars a month in profit. To me, thats an amazing business!

Most businesses invest (risk) tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars when they start until they become profitable or shutdown. With this we only risk $127 a month or $1524 annually to start a business where you can make a lot of money passively overtime.

Additionally, let me help you cut these costs down ever further.

  • Instead of using ClickFunnels for $99 a month you can use Thrive Architect for a one-time fee of $67.

  • Instead of using Gsuite for $6 a month you can use Gmail for free together with an email alias so people wont even know you are using a free gmail account. I do this for all my businesses.

Now your monthly costs would be only $26 a month. (First month would be $93 because you would purchase the Thrive Architect.)

$26 a month (or less than $1 a day) is certainly the cheapest business anyone would ever be able to start.

Also, keep in mind, any other business you would ever open would also require most of these software subscriptions to run. These are not expenses specific to affiliate marketing.

You make some great points as well.

This is very true. On the other hand, the people that start an affiliate marketing business didn’t start a conventional business because they didn’t want the risks. Little did they know - affiliate marketing comes with the same risks. The only difference is that it isn’t presented as risky. It’s presented as an easy quick mostly free business model with no downside.

Just curious, in your opinion - what percentage of “affiliate marketing startups” actually make any money and become profitable? . . .Including those that bought the course, but dropped out before even completing it.

Great tip. But i’m learning the business from an instructor via an online course, and he doesn’t teach this method. (I can google it, but then I’ll need to google how to integrate with GetResponse and bluehost etc etc , and I bought a course to prevent googling all since i’m not that tech savvy)

That’s with out advertising expenses, which is the sole way to get traffic/sales in this business. I don’t even want to think about what that’s going to cost me.

Affiliate marketing is constantly presented as a “side hustle” , which also means it would be expected to have with “side hustle expenses”. Not full blown overhead like a typical business.

I dont understand what risks you are referring to. What are the risks of affiliate marketing?

Great question. I wish I knew the answer. It would be very interesting to see. But I will answer you with the same question. How many people start working on new businesses and abandon ship before ever becoming profitable? For every successful business venture there are about 50 failed businesses.

How many people purchase courses to start a new idea but fail to even finish the course? How many people actually have what it takes to see it through to success? Very few! Affiliate marketing is no different. Successful businesses are those that the founders never gave up on.

I don’t believe this is accurate. There are two main categories of traffic for affiliate marketing. Paid Ads which will cost money and SEO which is FREE unless you want to spend money on tools to help you with SEO. Franklin’s course goes through both approaches.

Less than $200 a month is nothing near full blown overhead like a typical business. Typical businesses have overhead in the thousands and tens of thousands. Also, while affiliate marketing can be done as a side hustle it is by no means a side hustle type business. There are millions that make affiliate marketing their business and not a side hustle. Many of these people are earning millions of dollars a year as affiliate marketers.

Spending 100’s of hours learning the game and setting up funnels/emails etc, and thousands of dollars on advertising.

Great question. But as I mentioned , those people know the risk. Affiliate marketing is presented as an easy and simple way to make money. Which means most of the people jumping have no idea what they are getting into.

SEO doesn’t make you money tomorrow. You can follow the steps and then wait 6 months and hope you get recognized by google.

I understand that. It’s all relative. But like I keep mentioning , my beef is with the presentation. It’s made out to be something that can be set up with minimal cost and mostly on free trials. That is plain and simply not true.

Typical businesses are fully aware of the overhead before jumping in.

Case in point: I just tried setting up a custom workflow in GetResponse (as per Frank’s instructions), and guess what - it requires the “upgraded plan”.

Now my cost will be $50/month instead of $15/month.

I’m posting this and all my other posts above to document my journey, and to hopefully give others a heads up before they jump in.

It would’ve been beneficial to me if I would have known about all these surprises before I started.

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You could probably use Active Campaign for what you’re doing. $9/month

$50/month for a small number of contacts is just too high.

Thanks @YaakovKahan

The problem is, I want to follow the methods taught in the training and not veer off on my own.
Franklin teaches how to use get response to build lists, set up automation, integrate into clickfunnels, etc etc.

Doing all that on my own will cost me alot more time, and I won’t be able to follow through with the next step in the course since I won’t have the same set up.

Just letting you guys know all his courses are currently on sale for a flat price of $97.

I can’t post links so…go to franklinhatchett-dotcom/jsrtfrank

(This is NOT an affiliate link)