Oberlo Question

Hey guys I added a bunch of products on to my store. I know frank mentioned on his course to go to Ali express and to find good products that have good ratings then to check to see if its a legit store that has enough of a selection of products that I would want to add to my store. This way I can use the same suppliers or limit the amount of suppliers I’m using and be able to work with them. My question is when using oberlo only products come up so when adding products to your store how can i make it that its coming from specific suppliers instead of having each product from another place and I feel
Once orders come thru it would be very hard to keep track of everything and building a connection with a small amount of suppliers any advice on this ? Thank You.

I would say that if you’re using Oberlo for supply not to worry too much about getting them from all the same supplier.

When using AliExpress its easier to find suppliers that sell almost everything you are trying to sell. This makes it easier for shipping since your customers will receive one package instead of multiple on different days.

If I go straight to AliExpress without using oberlo how can i import the products and pictures to me store ?

You can use the Oberlo chrome extension to import the products.

You can use the Oberlo chrome extension to import the products.

Ok Thank You I appreciate the help.