iWork vs Microsoft Office

Hey, guys so I have a MacBook. I was looking to gain some skills in Microsoft office for personal use and for skills to show a future employer. I realized MacBooks come with iWork witch is apple free version witch always gets updates free. So is it still worth investing in Microsoft office? is being proficient in iWork recognized by employers? thank you.

I’m not sure what kind of job you are looking for but my personal opinion is to use Google Drive or G-Suite instead of Microsoft Office or iWork.

These are all really based on personal preferences. Do you use an Android or iPhone? Do you use Gmail or Outlook?

If you have an Android and use Gmail then you should probably be using Google Drive for all your documents, spreadsheets, and slides so you have a seamless experience.

I currently use apple with Gmail and google docs for now. I’m looking to broaden my skills if I was doing it solely for personal use I’d use iWork because it’s free and always updated. Once I am spending time I would like it to be a win-win for personal use and as skills, I can put down for a future job. I know most businesses use Microsoft Office. I’m looking for a job in the field of e-commerce operations. Thank you.

The things I’m looking to learn in Microsoft office is word, excel, and PowerPoint or apple alternatives pages, numbers, and keynote.

Google has all those. They are call Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

If you are proficient using Google Docs and Sheets (and are just tech-savvy enough to get used to a slightly different layout), you can claim proficiency in Microsoft Office as well. Besides for Excel having more advanced features for pros, you won’t notice a difference between using Google or Microsoft. Plus, unlike Microsoft, Google’s products are ᶠ ʳ ᵉ ᵉ

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Then again, Apple’s iWork is very similar to Office as well, but it’s not as universally used or available as Google Docs.

Gotchu Thank you.