Is dropshipping dead?

Dropshipping is not dead and wont die for the foreseeable future (meaning it will be at least ten years before you have to ask this question again.)

I came across this guy in a Facebook Group that just shared how he made $50,000 in one week by dropshipping with ClickFunnels instead of Shopify.


I say it’s not. I made close to 50K in 1 week dropshipping with Clickfunnels, and here is how I did it:

Step 1. Find 10 products.

Go on Amazon and see what is selling, see if these items are also available on Aliexpress for under $5 and make a list of 10 items you think are unique and awesome.

Step 2. Make a Salesfunnel (ClickFunnels)

  • I would love to show you a link or video of this but it is not allowed in the CF group so please do not ask me for it in the comments -

But don’t worry though… It is very simple.

Step 2.1 Start the Page with a good headline

This should be the name of the product. Be creative and go for something unique that sticks with the consumer.

Under there put another headline with a reason to buy NOW:



(pro tip: combine the 2: TODAY ONLY: FREE SHIPPING & 66% OFF)

Step 2.2 Find clear “explaining” pictures.

Go to Aliexpress or the Amazon page where you found the product. And look for pictures that really show people what the product does. If it is something as simple as a t-shirt, then go for pictures where people are actually wearing it. Same goes for jewelry, watches etc.

The best pictures you found (the most appealing and explaining pictures) you should put on top of the page.

The other pictures you should put under your salescopy (your text that explains the product and why people should buy it)

Step 2.3 Headline that explains why they should fill in the 2 step order form

Let’s face it, people are not used to paying for something on exactly the same page as the product is displayed. People are used to Shopify kinda check out processes which take 4-5 pages for somebody to finally spend money with you.

So what you should do is give them a reason to fill out the form and take their concerns about it away.

Example: Fill out the form below to claim your free shipping.

Step 2.4 The 2 step order form

Attention: By default it says: where to ship your free book. Change this to your product.

Step 2.5 Countdown timer + headline

This is in line with the discount/deal you’re putting on top of your page, so let’s say you went with the free shipping:

Free Shipping is only for today, get your PRODUCT NAME today before the 24 hour flash sale is over. COUNTDOWN TIMER under there.

Step 2.6 Salescopy.

I am not going to overcomplicate this for you because it is simple.


Just a short copy with features and benefits. Why do they need the product and why do they need it now?

That’s it.

Step 2.7 Reviews.

You’re still testing, you did not sell a product yet so obviously you have no reviews.

So what now?

Just go to the Aliexpress page of the product and look reviews on there and put them on your page.


Maybe a little bit, but it is in fact the same product that you are going to send to the customer so it is ethical.

Step 2.8 The other pictures you found

Again, do not overcomplicate, just put the other pictures you found under here. Thats it.

Step 2.9 The bottom of your page: Put your Terms and Conditions, Privacy policy (make sure it is GDPR Compliant) and returns policy on here.

So that’s it for the lay out of the page.

Make sure to do this for all the 10 products you found. Sure the first time is going to be a bit hard, but by the 3rd product you will find this process super easy so do not worry. You can just duplicate the first funnel once you made it and then put the new pictures and text in there.

Step 3 It is now time to Test your products!

How do I do this? Simple! I test on a low budget and kill quickly, but… I also scale quickly!

Just for your information: I use FB ads only.

To avoid high CPM I go with a Video Views campaign to test my products at just $5/day.
I test for 24 hours and after these 24 hours I check only one thing: if there is an interest for the product.

Do not expect any sales!! This is a video views campaign, again the purpose is to see if there is an interest for this product.

So what do you look for on the ad stats after 24 hours?

Simple you check the Cost Per Link Click! If you can get this under $0.30 a LOT of people have clicked on this, and even better… a very high % of the people that saw the ad clicked on it to find out more about it! That means there is an interest for the ad and you can continue with a conversions -> purchase campaign to get your sales.

Bad Cost per link click or CTR? Just kill it! Apparently people do not seem interested in it. Sure you can test all kinds of different targeting, but I think that’s overcomplicating. I found it way easier to just go with the next product and see if that works.

Step 4 So you found a winner? Great! Now it is time to scale!

How do I scale? Simple, I let the ad prove itself to me! I first test my conversions -> purchase ad on $5, made any sales/profitable? -> Next day $10. Still profitable? -> Next day $15? Still profitable? -> I duplicate the adset into a NEW campaign and set this at $50. Still profitable? I just keep duplicating this adset till its no longer profitable.

Step 5 Made a lot of sales?

Make custom audiences of your buyers and make lookalike audiences of them and use that as your only targeting.

That’s the whole process of making it with Dropshipping and Clickfunnels! That is how I found my winner and scaled it up quickly!

If you are wondering how to actually do everything mentioned above you can take a look at Franklin Hatchett’s Dropshipping course called Ecom Elites which teaches you all of this step by step. Franklin has an entire section teaching about how to use ClickFunnels for dropshipping.

@ralphlasry is there a cheaper or free version of click funnel it’s to expensive to get. Is there a way to build these funnels in WordPress?

Thank you

Yes, ClickFunnels can be expensive until you start making money. There are several alternatives that you can take a look at. Some are cheaper and some are just one time fees.

The cheapest alternative is probable Thrive Architect for WordPress which is just $67 one time fee. You can then setup a WordPress website for $10 a month using Cloudways.
(If you need help getting this setup let me know.)

Here is a comparison chart showing the difference between ClickFunnels and Thrive Architect.

There are other options as well such as BuilderAll, Kartra, and many more. Do a quick google search for ClickFunnels alternatives.

Here is a post where I discussed this a little as well.