How to get traffic for ClickBank products?

I did an experiment.

I ran google ads directly to a clickbank product signup page.

I did not capture email addresses since I did not have a squeeze page.

I got plenty of clicks (costing me plenty of $$), but no signups :frowning:

Squeeze page seems to be the only way to go. What/How can I find a free product/digital item to give away for free in return for email addresses?

Additionally, what other ways are there to get traffic aside from paying for google ads?

Any help is appreciated.


I’m sending traffic directly to the CB product page - do I credit if the customer buys the product 6 months down the road from one the hounding follow up emails that the seller sends out? Do they keep track that I originally referred the lead?

Generally, I believe you get the commission if they hound and get the purchase. I’m sure each offer has their own rules though.

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Thanks for the videos.

I have 2 more questions related to CB.

  1. Can I create my own website/squueze page to collect email addresses? Or I need to use ClickFunnels?

  2. If I use ClickFunnels, can I install Google analytics even though it isn’t my site? Do I have capabilities to do such a thing with CF?

You absolutely can create your own website and squeeze pages to collect email addresses. ClickFunnels is not a must.

You need a few things to get set up without ClickFunnels or similar software.

  1. Domain name
  2. Hosting
  3. Website
  4. Landing page builder
  5. Marketing email provider
  6. If you are also selling things in your funnels (not just collecting emails) then you will need software to handle the e-commerce aspect of it.

Tools like ClickFunnels comes with all this out of the box and that is why people pay $99 a month for their squeeze pages and sales funnels.

If you wanted to do this yourself here is what I suggest:

  1. Domains from Google Domains.
  2. Hosting from Cloudways (if you’re a techie and know how to use the command-line I would recommend Digital Ocean)
  3. Website: I’d recommend WordPress. Its free and powers 75,000,000 websites worldwide.
  4. Landing page builder to build your squeeze pages I would recommend Thrive Architect which is the WordPress equivalent of ClickFunnels.
  5. Marketing Email provider: There are literally hundreds of providers. The one I use for my affiliate marketing is GetResponse.
  6. If I was creating sales funnels to sell products or services I would probably just use a tool like ClickFunnels or similar.

I’ve used ClickFunnels for a while and recently started playing around with Builderall which is a cheaper alternative with a lot more features. There is also a tool called Kartra.

CLICKFUNNELS vs. BUILDERALL vs. KARTRA Complete Review - Which One Is The Best? by Marissa Romero

You can install Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on your ClickFunnel pages.

Whats your take on purchasing solo ads/traffic? Worth a shot, or waste of money?