Getting started with affiliate marketing

Looking to get into affiliate as a secondary revenue stream. Where should I start?

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There are so many different ways to make money with affiliate marketing. I’d say the first step is figure out what type of business you want to build that will generate affiliate commissions. This article goes through some of the ideas you can pursue to build your affiliate marketing business. Here’s a good start. (this was actually the content I originally shared on my WhatsApp Status which is why its broken up into sever days…)

Would you have any mentors you could recommend for affiliate marketing?

In the above article titled “What is Affiliated Marketing” you mention. . .

“The cool thing about Amazon’s Affiliate program is that if you click my Amazon link I will receive a commission from everything you purchase from Amazon over the next 24 hours. In fact, about 50% of the commissions I make from Amazon are from other products people purchased after they clicked my links and did not even purchase the product I was promoting.”

How does this work if I click on many different affiliated links? Who will ultimately get the commissions?

Every time you click a new affiliate link the new link takes over for the next 24 hours (or until you click on someone else’s affiliate link).

You write: The cool thing about Amazon’s Affiliate program is that if you click my Amazon link I will receive a commission from everything you purchase from Amazon over the next 24 hours
Question: does my Amazon link need to promote a specific product or can I be an affiliate by promoting Amazon overall which means I was the one that got you to thru my blog so any purchase with in 24hrs gets me a percent.

@Isaacs Pretty sure as long as they get to any page on Amazon using your link, your cookie will be installed on their browser, and you will get commissions from anything they buy in the next 24 hours (unless they click someone else’s affiliate link during that time).

You should focus on posting the links to specific products or deals at least so people have a reason to click. Otherwise why would they touch the link at all?

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That is correct. Any item they buy while your cookie is stored in their browser - you get credit for.

Has anyone been successful really getting approved for Amazon affiliate account? Seems like you need a full blown site before you can become an affiliate.

I am an approve Amazon Affiliate. I know several others here have been approved as well. (Some got booted as well)

Amazon’s affiliate program is very tricky and they aren’t very helpful in explaining why your site doesn’t meet the requirements…

You certainly need a full website with content to get approved. Alternatively you can have a large following on some social media platforms to get approved without a website.

Do a quick google search and you will find thousands of articles about the exact rules to follow to be eligible and to keep your status as an Amazon Affiliate.

One of the first things Amazon looks for when reviewing your website or social media is pricing of Amazon products. If you display pricing Amazon will reject you. Amazon products don’t have pricing since they change constantly throughout the day and also have different pricing on each product from different sellers.

Once you’re approved you will get access to Amazon’s PA API which will allow you to display pricing dynamically since the price on your site will change as it changes on Amazon.

Another item Amazon doesn’t like is when sites steal product pictures from Amazon’s site.

You must also have a clear disclosure on every page of your site promoting Amazon products that you are a participant of Amazon’s affiliate program.

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Thanks for the reply. Makes sense they only want affiliates with existing site. I have to build my site and get started…