Fluz - how generate passive income with the hottest new shopping app

Cash Back That Keeps Coming Back

Generate passive income with the Fluz app. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get cash back when you shop.
  2. Invite your friends to the app.
  3. Then get cash back when they shop.

With the Fluz app you earn cash back on your purchases and cash back on your friends purchases and on your friends friends purchases. That is surely one cool way to make money while others shop.


I know the CEO personally and had been involved in helping him with some development when he first began building this project. Yesterday, I decided to sign up and get started. This is how it works and where I’ve gotten so far.

Here are my results from the last 24 hours.


I earned 3 vouchers for 35% cash back from Starbucks and other stores as well.

How do you earn vouchers?

When you join the app the first time you automatically earn 3 vouchers for 35% cash back at a bunch of stores. Fluz offers these vouchers to incentivize you to get started using the app and seeing just how simple and straightforward it is to make cash back with Fluz.

You can also earn a 35% voucher for every person you invite that makes one purchase with the app.

If all 77 people that joined with my invited link in the last 24 hours makes one purchase I will make money from their purchases and I will earn 77 more 35% cash back vouchers to use at a bunch of stores like Starbucks, Hulu, CVS, Spotify, and more.

Here’s an idea to build a large network quickly so that you can start earning cash while other people shop.

Non Profits
Reach out to schools and shuls to join as a way for them to generate money for their organizations. We all heard of organizations trying to get people to shop through their Amazon Smile link so that Amazon donates 0.5% of your purchase to them. Now with the Fluz app these organizations can generate a lot more money that Amazon Smile.
The steps are simple:

  1. Get a school or organization to sign up with your link.
  2. Have them send out their link to their network. (Schools have hundreds and thousands of parents who shop all the time and can generate cash for the school)
  3. Sit back and watch your network grow.

Here are my stats for the last 72 hours. I already hit milestone 1 and 2 which is a $30 bonus. I’m aiming for milestone 6 which is $2000 bonus.

Do you want your own landing page you can send people to like this: https://fluz.app/portal/ralphlasry ?
Just sign up for the Fluz Portal at https://fluz.app/portal and set up your landing page.

With the Fluz Portal you will also be able to generate images for your own marketing to invited people to join. You can add Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to your landing page. See screenshot below:

Here are some marketing tools from Fluz https://fluz.app/leaders/marketing-tools/

Here is a flyer you can use for recruiting a charity

Not worth it for the 1-2% to lose all cc benifits.
It’s good to make some referral money,and for small purchases but to make money gotta do bigger purchases. So kinda not worth it if something goes wrong on big purchase who taking responsibility ???

It may not be worth it for you. But for me and most people I know they never once used their credit card for the return. How many times have you had to use your credit card insurance?

And if there is something that you need to secure with insurance from credit card then use your credit card for that purchase.


It’s not a one time thing that you need insurance for the one time something happens it’s worth it to use your credit card.
It’s not like were talking about 5%.
Also on the 2nd hand this app is shady bec how do they give 2% back on Visa gift cards when no one else in the world does.its just not possible most places charge a fee.
I understand ppl who wanna make money on referrals or wanna use it on there coffee but to be making the cashback gotta do alot of spending dont think it’s worth on large purchases

Pro tip: Don’t assume something is shady just because you don’t understand their business model.

As for not using it on large purchases, if the store has a decent return policy or the manufacturer has a warranty and stands behind their products, you should be fine.



I earned over $40 with Fluz already.
I also got a large buying group of several thousand members to join Fluz in the coming days.
I also got a school to join as well.

I’m still aiming for 1000 signups which will allow me to earn thousands of dollars a month hopefully.

Macys is now 8% cash back. Gap and Nike are now 7% cash back.

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I haven’t pushed this much lately but I am earning approximately $200 a month from Fluz and saved people thousands of dollars. I’m going to start promoting Fluz to some of my audiences.


How many signups does it take to get that number?

Currently have about 120 direct invites and about 300 in my network.

Sounds cool. Is it worth the time though? Feel like this kind of thing phases out over time…

Depends how much time you need to spend to get enough signups. For me, I spent a total of 2 hours to get all my signups. Two hours of work to generate $200 a month recurring is definitely worth it.

I do agree that many of these types of apps fade away over time and so do most apps and businesses in general.

On the flip side, I made a small investment of time and have already earned a nice return on investment.

That’s amazing then. You also have your own platform to promote which makes it easier to scale that fast. That’s what my goal is but I’m not there yet. I hope it continues.

Do you have an audience on social media or an email list you can tap into?

Not yet. That’s what I’m looking to do. It’s all about owning your own list/platform.

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