Earn $1000 with acorns (Limited time)

Acorns is running a promo from 7/25/21-7/31/21

If you refer 4 people, they will pay you a $1000 referral bonus.

(Would love if you can use my link to signup so I can earn the bonus)

Here are the details:

Do you use Acorns? It’s a passive investment/savings app. I don’t even use it; I signed up just for the referral offers! (I didn’t download the app either.)

They currently have a $1,000 referral promo which ends on 7/31.

  1. Sign up with my referral and we’ll each get a $5 bonus: https://share.acorns.com/2000stuff456
  2. Register, link your bank account, and invest $5 (no need to use recurring deposits, top ups, or anything else. $5 one time and you’re done).
  3. Refer 4 friends and have them do the above steps and you’ll get $1,000 too!

A few notes:
(1) By default you will be enrolled in “round ups” which you can turn off here: https://app.acorns.com/invest/core/round-ups/settings
(2) You will also be enrolled in a subscription which you can set to “Lite” for $1/month, and can cancel after July (for a total cost of $2): https://app.acorns.com/settings/my-subscription/select-tier
(3) You must sign up by 7/25/21, and invest the $5 by 7/31/21 (which you do at sign up by selecting your portfolio style).

New promo 8/1/21-8/7/21

Refer 3 people, earn $500.

If you didn’t sign up yet, I would appreciate if you can use my link!